New Groups for Spring of  2012:

Raising Resilient Kids (And Parents!)

6 Week Workshop

Beginning in February 29 –  Wednesdays at 9:30 AM (more to be added with demand)

Resilience has been found to be the key characteristic which, when present in people, can thwart susceptibility to the #1 most frequently diagnosed mental disorder in the United States, depression.  While some people are inherently more able to bounce back from adversity, this trait can be taught and research indicates that one is never too young or too old to become more resilient!  Research shows that resilient kids tend to be happier and that happier teens go on to earn higher incomes and suffer fewer illnesses as they become adults, all other factor is being equal.

Share this group session with other parents in the community to learn new skills, brainstorm solutions and celebrate successes!  Please contact Jean for price and availability:

Our Happiness Project

Beginning March 1 – Thursdays at 2:30 PM  (More to be added with demand)

Recently, Men’s Health Magazine rated St. Petersburg Florida as the saddest city in the United States and Tampa wasn’t far behind. Why is this? Can it be changed?  What exactly is happiness? How do we increase it in our own lives?

This is a 12 week group which will have its members creating their own individual happiness projects. It will be based on the New York Times best seller, The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin.  Together, we will explore the latest research and techniques that have been shown to contribute to happiness and well-being. Though it may seem self-serving to explore ways of creating greater happiness in ourselves, research shows that one happier person effects the emotional climate for every other person with whom s/he interfaces. Happier people also tend to be more cooperative, less self centered, volunteer more hours to help others and tend to take on more leadership roles. To others, they appear; more friendly, open, self-confident, assertive and even more physically attractive than do less happy people.

By taking the time to learn how to create a happier version of yourself, who knows? You may be helping to create a happier family, neighborhood, city, county and not to be too corny… World!

WHERE?  StillWaters Counseling Center 116 S. Pinellas Avenue

( 2nd Floor – on top of Bank of America at Lemon St. and Alt 19 – Downtown Tarpon Springs)

 WHO?  Jean S. Coleman, MA CPT will be leading this discussion on Creating Happier Lives.  Jean has a BA in Psychology from Emory University and Master’s Degrees in Health Psychology and Behavioral Medicine.  She is currently a Psychology professor for the University of Phoenix and St. Petersburg College.  Jean also enjoys a private coaching practice for individuals and groups.

HOW? Please contact Jean at 727-480-3023 or for availability and cost, as participation is limited.


Seminar Topics, currently experiencing the greatest demand in the Tampa Bay area include:

  • Leadership With Strength and Grace
  • Building Resilient Kids
  • What Happy Women Do!
  • 3 Things That Prevent Cognitive Decline.
  • The Top 10 Reasons To Invest in a Personal Trainer.
  •  Health Choices That Could Protect Your Family.
  • How To Maintain A Vital Lifestyle Throughout Your Golden Years.

 Our seminars are not limited to these topics. We are able to custom-design a program around a topic of your choice.

Past Speaking Venues:

 Guardian Training for Personal Life Administrators Inc. ~ Cypress Run Golf Club ~ Pinellas County Criminal Justice Building ~ Stephen’s Ministry Continuing Education ~ First United Methodist Church Palm Harbor ~ Regency Oaks Independent Living ~ Parent University ~ Tarpon Springs Fundamental PTA ~ Tarpon Springs High School PTA ~ All Saints Episcopal Church ~ Florida Parent Educators Association Convention ~ Arden Courts Alzheimer’s Support Group ~ Florida Council of Economic Education Denver Cashflow Investors ~ The Allegro Assisted Living ~ Market America Corporate Seminar ~ Pinellas Parent Educators Association ~ Brain Day ~ Total Fitness ~ Silver Sneakers Seminars Various Rotary Club Presentations ~ First Christian School ~ Guardian Training ~ Helen Ellis Hospital~ Pepsi Cola’s SW Regional Management Conference ~ Daytona Beach Hilton

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