Walk Therapy & Counseling


Jerry Coleman is The Walk Therapist! He is a mental health counselor, registered with the state of Florida*, who is a pioneer of “walk therapy.” This unique form of multi-modal behavioral therapy combines exercise and counseling to strengthen the connection between one’s mind and one’s body.

Physical exercise enhances our mood and helps us to be physically and mentally fit, it can also delay symptoms of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease and can also be equally as effective as medication in the treatment of depression, anxiety, ADHD and menopause.

Traditional psychotherapy sometimes involves the client reclining on a couch, in what we feel is the traditional position of illness and disease. This is not a productive orientation for the healing process. Walk therapy entails the client adopting a position of strength and health as we talk while walking, lifting weights or stretching together. This is much more conducive to mental healing and can actually speed the therapy along.

Exercise affects the mind by producing more and stronger neurons, making learning and memory faster and deeper. It also affects the body by producing endorphins, which are natural painkillers and relaxants, which are released into our bloodstream every time we exercise.  This induces a feeling of well being and optimism which positively affects our clients’ physical and psychological health.


Grief & Loss Counseling

Whether the loss comes from the death of a loved one or from the loss of something like a job, a home, or a social role, grief can be debilitating. Counseling provides a space in which one can express all of the attendant emotions and then begin to deal with the grief in a constructive manner so that one is able to resume life with direction and enthusiasm.

Addiction Counseling

While the addict may need intervention, the spouse, children and/or parents of the addict are often left to deal with the aftermath. Counseling allows a safe place for the people touched by addiction to heal and find direction in their lives. It also allows them to begin detachment from their own addiction to the loved one’s addiction.

Senior Issues Counseling

Life goes through many stages and older people face many transitions. It may be time to change residences or to age in place. Counseling allows family members to address the pertinent issues for themselves or in relation to their older loved ones in ways that are non-threatening so that the best solution can be unanimously agreed upon.

With extensive experience in assisted and independent living facilities, we are well versed in the transitions common to older people and with the importance of a continuing life purpose to health and longevity.

Mood Disorder Counseling

Mood is your internal emotional experience of yourself, others, and the world around you and it can affect the way you think, feel, and behave. It impacts the way you interact with others, the way you think about things, and how you respond to problems.

Sometimes, a mood disorder develops that severely impacts the way a person perceives life, relationships, even the person’s sense of who they are and their self-worth, robbing one of pleasure, energy, purpose, determination, focus and energy.

Couples Counseling

Relationships are rarely convenient and whether newly married or celebrating a golden wedding anniversary, couples often encounter challenges that may need a new perspective in order to solve. Counseling can often provide an opening of dialog that leads to increased team work and problem solving that can strengthen a relationship.

Stress and Anxiety Counseling

Stress arises when one’s personal problem solving strategies are insufficient for dealing with the challenge at hand. Anxiety disorders are the most common, or frequently occurring, mental disorders.

Anxiety is defined as an exaggerated or unhealthy counterpart of normal fear, which can be manifested in psychological or physical symptoms and which has a debilitating effect on a person’s life.

Counseling can provide new tools with which to combat the stressor and can help alleviate the symptoms as well.

Christian Counseling

As a member of the Network of Christian Counselors, we are able to take a faith-based approach to counseling Christians that can help them find spiritual guidance in the face of the challenges of life in the secular world.

Caregiver & Guardian Counseling

Caregiving is taxing to both the mental and physical well-being of the care giver.  Without proper guidance, it is not uncommon for caregivers to develop illnesses that cause them to pre-decease their care-givee.

We work with spouses and children who have become care-givers for loved ones and we work with professional guardians whose job it is to care for older people.  Allowing space for decompression and regrouping, caregivers are able to rise to their challenges in healthy and sustaining ways.

Psychosocial Assessments  ~  Transition Counseling

Emotional Distress Counseling ~ Difficult Family Counseling

* Registered Intern IMH #4044

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