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  Jerry Coleman has his M.S. in mental health counseling from Nova Southeastern University and   has a Master Certification from the University of Florida’s Gerontology  program and is a certified geriatric case manager.

He is a practicing weight counselor and personal trainer at Still Waters Fitness and Coaching. He is a clinical psychotherapist and is associated with The Network of Christian Counselors.
Jerry’s passion is combining mental and physical health through a specialized system of counseling and personal training called “Walk Therapy”, which goes far beyond just walking!

He has his Personal Fitness Specialist certification from The Kenneth Cooper Institute in Dallas, Texas and is also Certified as a Personal Trainer by the American Council on Exercise. He is a Health Management Educator with Health Management Resources, the country’s leading medical weight loss program.

In addition, Jerry has been a finisher in multiple Ironman distance Triathlons and has also coached many others to attain the level of physical and mental fitness necessary for that level of competition. Jerry has been an adjunct professor at the University of the South at Sewanee and is also an active speaker for Parent University and local PTAs.

Jerry Coleman is The Walk Therapist!

Jean Coleman has a BA in Psychology from Emory University and Master’s Degrees in Health Psychology and Behavioral Medicine.  She also holds a certificate from University of the South’s (Sewanee) School of Theology.

She is Certified as a Personal Trainer by The American Council on Exercise and is also a Health Educator and weight loss counselor with Health Management Resources, the country’s oldest and leading medical weight loss program.

She enjoys working with people of all ages but has a special heart for the mature person and brings a gentle understanding of the mental and physical challenges people face as they progress from one decade to the

Jean is an adjunct professor at The University of Phoenix and also at St. Petersburg College, teaching a variety of courses in Psychology, Human Motivation, Nutrition and Health & Wellness.

Coaching people from all walks of life, from teens to nonagenarians to leaders of major corporations, Jean is able to help her clients find direction, balance and joy in the journey, as they transition from success to significance!

(2008 Grand Opening of Regency Oaks Fitness Facility)

Consultants to Independent & Assisted Living Facilities:

Still Waters Fitness & Coaching has consulted for several major independent living facilities in the Tampa Bay Area in the design of fitness centers, ordering of appropriate equipment and training of residents and staff in the proper use of equipment.  We are also the preferred provider for geriatric case management in one Tampa Bay facility.


I always wanted to work with a personal trainer “some day”.  Well some day came when my reason for losing my weight and getting in shape was more important to me than excuses.  I absolutely love working with Jean!  She makes house calls, is also extremely knowledgeable about nutrition and behavioral issues and takes a coach approach for a holistic solution.
Jean was very thorough to find out all my concerns, desires and issues and made sure that they were addressed in every session.  Even better than that, every session was different so I never got bored.  Jean also gave me exercises I could do on my own or on the road in a hotel room to target my ‘problem’ areas.
I was also prone to a knee “issue”.  I had previously gone to an orthopedic surgeon who after looking at ex-rays and saw no real problem guessed that it was a meniscus issue.  Thankfully this came up in conversation with Jean who taught me about the importance of stretching the IT band.
My knee “issue” is now gone. Jean is a joy to work with, knows her stuff from all angles, and brings a totally integrated solution to the mix.  Oh, did I mention I lost 37 pounds in a little over 3 months? Thank you Jean!
Cheryl Healey, The Gift of You Coaching


I am 68 years young now. I needed an exercise and healthy eating plan that would finally work for me. I tried so very many and desperately needed something to benefit my active senior years.  I had been hanging on to 10 unwanted lbs. and yo-yoed them for years. That, however, was a small part of my problem.
I kept hurting myself with various exercise programs only to do no exercise at all.  I also still do physical labor with semi-retirement.  I would come home aching with back pain and get an ice pack. Just 1/2 day and my work was done and so was I.
I heard about Jerry through a friend and saw how her success with the training was making her into a new person. I started working out with Jerry in January 2009. Let the change begin.
He is teaching the right exercises for me.  I then started his weight management program.  I now come home from work with no aches or back pain and energy to do what ever I want or to do whatever needs to be done for the rest of the day.  I actually enjoy exercise now, a first.  I am just a couple of lbs. away from my goal weight that I haven’t seen in years.
I actually returned from a 10 day trip during which I happily exercised  and came home 1 lb. lighter!  Now that is another first.  This program of fitness has changed my life, mentally, physically, & spiritually. Looking forward to 70! ~ Louann Hatch 2009 ~

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